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Forming a GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) in Germany – GmbH formation

So you want to form a GmbH, in order to benefit from a reputable company form and exclude your personal liability? With experience of supervising several thousand company formations, we know the formation process inside out and can form your GmbH quickly and in a legally secure manner for a fixed price. Your bespoke GmbH articles of association will come straight from our specialised lawyer.

If you are asking yourself questions such as “How do I set up a GmbH?”, “What will it cost me to form a GmbH?” or “When is a GmbH worthwhile from a tax point of view?”, you will find plenty of answers and tips on this page

  • Shareholders of the GmbH are released from personal liability, reducing their entrepreneurial risk
  • The legal form of the GmbH has a good reputation in legal dealings, due to its share capital requirement of €12,500 or €25,000
  • Approximately 40% of all new companies formed in Germany are GmbHs (source: German Federal Statistical Office)
  • In total, there are more than 15 million GmbHs in Germany

We form your GmbH, leaving you free to focus on your business