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Delete negative Google reviews in Germany

When is a Google review unjustified? How do you delete one? What is the deletion process and what details do I need to be aware of? We are familiar with Google’s cancellation procedure and criteria, and offer you immediate legal assistance.

Illegal Google reviews do not have to be accepted. Have your claim for removal of a bad Google review enforced by a law firm, following a free review.

In the past, personal recommendations or test reports in the print media (e.g. Stiftung Warentest) played the most important role in decision-making. Today,

  • nine out of 10 customers rely on online reviews when researching a product or service (Splendid Research – Online Review Portal Monitor 2019).
  • 92% of all search queries in Germany are made via Google search (Statista, 16/10/2018).
  • 60% of all Internet users have used the Google Maps review function at least once (Splendid Research – Online Review Portal Monitor 2019).

Google thus has by far the leading role in nationwide searches. The relevance of Google is now so far-reaching that the word “to google” has also become synonymous with to search or research.

A positive online reputation through good Google reviews

Google reviews have a particularly important influence on profit and customer, patient or client retention. They therefore have a direct impact on the financial success of a company, self-employed person or freelancer. A good online reputation is therefore indispensable.

We delete your google review. You focus on business.

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